Jamison Industries Inc.
12669 Delta St.
Taylor, MI 48180
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Precision CNC Machined Components
Products for many industries: Automotive, Automatic Transmission, Air Bag, Anti-Lock Brakes, Specialty Fasteners, Power Steering, Nuts, Bolts, Studs, Standoffs, Military, Aerospace, Steering Column, Fuel Rail Fittings, Anti-Indexing sleeves, and many more.

Jamison Industries Inc. - 12669 Delta St. Taylor, MI 48180 - Phone:734-946-3088 - Fax:734-946-3089 (Contact Us Here)

Industry Focus

○ Automotive
○ Automation
○ Aircraft
○ Agriculture
○ Construction
○ Pumps
○ Exhibit Displays

○ Valves
○ Medical
○ Heavy Equipment
○ Defense
○ Oil and Gas
○ Recreation

● 1 Miyano BX-26S CNC Turning
    Center 8-axes Live Tooling

○ Automatic Transmission
○ Air Bag Parts
○ Brake Parts
○ Fuel Rail Fittings
○ Specialty Fasteners

○ Power Steering
○ Bolts
○ Studs
○ Sleeves
○ Nuts



○ Turning
○ Threading

○ Facing
○ Tapping
○ Milling
○ Drilling
○ Cross Drilling
○ Boring
○ Reaming
○ Counterboring
○ Knurling
○ Broaching

● Equipment
        ○ Swiss CNC Machining
        ○ CNC Chucking
        ○ CNC Milling & Drilling
        ○ CNC Turning

● Services
        ○ Engineering
        ○ Secondary 
        ○ Materials
        ○ Quality



Lead Times

○ Precision
○ Tight Tolerance

○ Small Lot Size
○ Medium Lot Size
○ Short Run

○ Quoted Job by Job
○ Rush Service

○ Emergency Service

○ Medium Run
○ Long Run
○ Prototype

○ Dia 0.008mm (0.0004")
○ Length 0.013mm (0.001")

● 2 Miyano BND-42Ss CNC Turning
    Centers 4-axes Live Tooling

● 1 Miyano BNC-34S CNC Turning
    Centers 3-axes, sub spindle
● 1 Miyano BNC-34T CNC Turning
    Center 3-axes, sub tool turret

Brass tempurature sensor being machined on Miyano BX-26S 8 axes multi-spindle turning center.

Sandvik brand is the tooling of choice at Jamison Industries.

Jamison Industries Inc. - 12669 Delta St. Taylor, MI 48180 - Phone:734-946-3088 - Fax:734-946-3089 (Contact Us Here)

CNC Turning

CNC turning is the process in which a bar of raw stock is rotating and the cutting tool moves across
the part. Equipped with live tooling, twin spindles, and multi-axes capabilities, Jamison Industries
precision CNC turning equipment can machine round, hex or square bar stock up to 42mm (1.653")
in diameter. Our machines can perform milling, drilling and turning operations simutaneously on two
spindles. This allows parts to come off the machine complete which results in a shorter cycle time
and lower cost to the customer. For complex turning, milling and drilling operations our Miyano
BX-26S is up to the task with 8 programable axes. Less complicated parts are machined on one of
our 2 Miyano BND-42S which has live tooling and 4 programable axes. Basic multi spindle turning is
best suited for our Miyano BNC-34S which has 3 programable axes. Our Miyano BNC-34T has 3
programmable axes with a sub turret which allows deeper depth
drilling and turning at the same time. Give us an opportunity
to quote your turning needs. Most of our turning centers are
equipped with automatic bar changers or quick change hydraulic
bar feeders for fast change over time.