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Precision CNC Machined Components
Products for many industries: Automotive, Automatic Transmission, Air Bag, Anti-Lock Brakes, Specialty Fasteners, Power Steering, Nuts, Bolts, Studs, Standoffs, Military, Aerospace, Steering Column, Fuel Rail Fittings, Anti-Indexing sleeves, and many more.

Jamison Industries Inc. - 12669 Delta St. Taylor, MI 48180 - Phone:734-946-3088 - Fax:734-946-3089 (Contact Us Here)

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        ○ CNC Milling & Drilling
        ○ CNC Turning

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○ Assembly
○ Complex Programing
○ Extruded Shape Machining
○ Face Grinding
○ Forging Machining
○ Near Net Shape Machining
○ Jigs & Fixtures

○ Inspection & Packing
○ Rework & Repairs

Qualified Supplier

○ Brazing
○ Broaching
○ Heat Treating
○ Water Jet Cutting
○ Laser Jet Cutting
○ Fabrication & Welding
○ Plating & Finishing

In addition to manufacturing components from raw materials, Jamison Industries can perform a
number of secondary operations. These operations are either performed in-house or at one of our
qualified suppliers that we have had a relationship with for 30 or more years. This allows us to
manufacture our parts "complete to print." See the list below for our secondary operations.

Automotive Power Steering Pump Assembly
Below is an example of a multi-process component that was
manufactured at Jamison Industries with secondary work from
trusted suppliers. 1) Jamison Industries manufactures three
separate components from raw materials. 2) Components are
pressed together in-house using a fixture. 3) Brazing is
accomplished at a trusted supplier. 4) Assembly is returned to
Jamison Industries for bending. 5) Bent assembly is sent to a
supplier for plating. Click the image to show the process.

Secondary Examples
Below are some examples of secondary work that is
accomplished at Jamison Industries and also out
sourced to trusted suppliers. Click the image below for